AFRICA. NOW. East Africa

Our team set off on a journey to Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia to tell the untold stories of these countries' up-and-coming designers. Brought to you by Nedbank.

Africa has been a pinnacle contender in arts and culture for centuries. In a developing economy, a large portion of growth is attributed to creative culture in the way of churning social interest, ultimately promoting the continent’s key economy. AFRICA. NOW. taps into the psyche of a creative community working towards a brighter future, one that not only creates for the purpose of aesthetic appeal, but that endeavours to find creative solutions to many of the continent's socio-economic deficits.  

For our first AFRICA. NOW. video series, a Design Indaba cameraman and journalist travelled to Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia on a research trip to find and meet some of these countries designers and creators. These videos showcase the untold stories of various new and upcoming African designers, discovered by our team during their expedition.

This series is brought to you by Nedbank.

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