MASS Architects: Africa's architects must understand their continent

Jean Paul Sebuhayi and Amelie Ntigulirwa from MASS explain how their architecture is a response to the needs of communities.

Jean Paul Sebuhayi and Amelie Ntigulirwa are design associates at MASS Design Group – an architecture practice focussed on human-centred design. The team of architects designs and constructs buildings and infrastructure that have a lasting impact on the communities who interact with the spaces.

According to the design group’s online profile, creating “human and physical systems necessary for growth, dignity, and wellbeing” is at the core of their philosophy.

In this interview, as Sebuhayi and Ntigulirwa discuss what is most important to their work. It becomes clear that MASS are shaping a whole new language of architecture by considering how buildings can improve the lives of people.

“We don’t just design to design. First we understand the needs of the communities and our designs come as a response to their needs,” says Sebuhayi.