Petting Zoo now on Android

We're excited to announce that the hand-illustrated app Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann is now available on Android.

In March 2013 Christoph Niemann launched his first app at the annual Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town. Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann was made available in the international and South African iTunes Stores and was the subject of rave reviews from both media and users alike. Now in April 2013 the Android version has been launched, also for just $1.99 or R18.08.

Click here to see it in the Google Play Store.

Android user reviews

Here's what some of the first Android users have had to say:

★★★★★ Very creative and engaging! This download absolutely made my night!

"Highly recommended download! Great for kids and an excellent relaxing diversion for an adult, too." 

★★★★★ Super cute! Possibly best app ever

"I love me some elephants! I'm 28 and I feel like a kid again. Buy this app!"

Media reviews

In the media, reviews have been abundant and full of praise:

"Moms and dads will likely find that the app’s interface is not just fun for the kids, but also enjoyable for adults as well." — WIRED 

"Absolutely adorable" — USA TODAY 

"A quirky and absolutely charming app" — CNET 5/5 

"Fizzing with character, craft, and humor" — THE GUARDIAN

"An alligator’s teeth become guitar strings, an octopus’s arms serve as a mandolin. It’s adorable, goofy, and immensely entertaining." — FAST COMPANY 

"Possibly the loveliest app you'll download this week/month/year." — CREATIVE REVIEW 

“Four little thumbs-up in my household for this one.” — KOTTKE 


"Petting Zoo is one of those rare apps that brings out the kid in all of us." — MACLIFE

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iOS user reviews 

And here's some of what the delighted iOS customer reviews have had to say:

★★★★★ Petting Zoo

”Great fun for any family. We want more."

★★★★★ Outstanding App!

"Our whole family enjoyed this app! The graphics, originality and humor are just great! We especially enjoyed discovering the iguana, giraffe, butterfly fun! The monkeys had our family laughing!"

★★★★★ Unique!

"When you look under related to this app, there are none! It is fun, easy, entertaining, and I love how it is hand designed."

 ★★★★★ I feel like a kid again!

“I had so much fun playing with the animals in the Petting Zoo! Interactive entertainment for kids of all ages :)”

iTunes Sale

There's also a limited 50% off sale in the iTunes Store to celebrate the Android launch, now just $0.99.


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