Design Indaba magazine: 10 years of Conversations

Eavesdrop on the conversations of design legends in the 10th birthday edition of Design Indaba magazine, "Conversations".

Hjalti Karlsson: What role does doubt play in your life as a designer?

Dana Arnett: I think companies are struggling right now because they’re not able to position themselves in a credible way. Consequently the media is doing this for them.

Richard Hart: In our world you have to be quite chameleon-like because of the client.

Fernando Gutierrez: The idea of a good client is that he is smarter than you.

Jens Martin Skibsted: Well, first I have the lobola, which is basically paying the dowry and how you get married in a lot of Southern African countries.

Yves Béhar: You’re getting married? Alright, I’m putting it down in my diary right now. Yeah! Wow! Congratulations!

Hella Jongerius: Within boundaries you need your creativity because you know where you are headed and how small your pocket is.

Simon Sankarayya: If you weren’t a designer, would you be a failed guitarist? Would you be busking outside Pentagram?

Jurgen Bey: I am a designer. An artist works differently to a designer in that designers always pose two questions.

Heath Nash: What is your opinion on the differences between art and design?

Massimo Vignelli: I say design is utilitarian; art is useful and non-utilitarian.

Paula Scher: But don’t they know that something that is unpolished can be just as big a lie?

Jan Wilker: We do make things before thinking, which is often not very effective, but it does surprise us.

Stefan Sagmeister: Hobbies are for people who hate their jobs.

Harry Pearce: It made me realise that you get close to the people that count for you. I didn’t ever go and look to be friends with Alan Fletcher.

Ross Lovegrove: Unless there’s enough debate, you’re never going to come up with some sort of treatise of observation that can ever move anything.

Fernando Campana: I had to walk through four feet of water in Venice every morning to go to work at Venini. It was a nightmare, every day until noon this deep freezing water, so cold that even with the right boots your feet freeze.

Massimo Morozzi: These are the perils of design. It’s a very dangerous profession.

Milton Glaser: Every once in a while though, somebody who thought they were doing design, does enter into the realm of art.

19 designers. 9 conversations. 128 pages. 10 years of Design Indaba magazine.

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