Culinary workshop for the new age at DI2010

Design Indaba and Foodcorp present a professional workshop by Nils Noren, vice president of culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute.

Part of the Project

Design Indaba in collaboration with Foodcorp will be hosting a workshop for professionals presented by Nils Noren, vice president of culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute. Addressing the subject of food and design, the workshop will host chefs from top restaurants focusing on the newest techniques and innovations in the culinary industry.

Technology is not the only thing that is moving forward at a rapid pace. Throughout history, food professionals have been looking both within the culinary field and beyond for ideas and inspiration. Through this forward thinking, new techniques have been developed and innovations have allowed for the food industry to move beyond simple cooking and into the creative realm. The workshop will explore these techniques as published on the blog, co-authored by Noren.

As the vice president of culinary arts for both the French Culinary Institute and the Italian Culinary Academy in New York City, Noren brings to the workshop 20 years of culinary and restaurant experience. He works in the paradox of classic sensibility and immense creativity, incorporating modern techniques and flavours while maintaining an exacting standard of excellence.

“When we dreamed up the concept of The 7th Floor, we envisaged being linked to talent such as the calibre of chef Nils Noren. In partnering with the Design Indaba, we are very excited that our vision to showcase and celebrate innovation and design in food is becoming a reality with these workshops,” explains Simone Falconer, general manager of Foodcorp’s 7th Floor Innovation Centre.

The culinary workshop will explore several new techniques that can be used in the food industry with distinctly original results. The guest chefs will engage in low temperature cooking, use of the vacuum machine, hydrocolloids and enzymes using a variety of ingredients. It will culminate in a presentation that will examine the relationship between food, design and new cooking techniques based on a series of dining experiences created for Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

But as new techniques are developed, technologies and equipment must be updated in order to keep up with the latest innovations. The Culinary Group, who offer innovative solutions for professional kitchens, have come onboard and helped facilitate the workshop by generously providing all the necessary equipment ensuring the participating chefs have all they need to enter into the new age of cooking.