Biomega NYC bike winner announced

The ideas for how to encourage cycling in SA cities were all brilliant but there can be only winner. And that is…

Design Indaba, together with Jens Martin Skibsted, are pleased to announce the winner of the Biomega NYC Bicycle for the best idea on how to get more bums on bicycle saddles in South African cities.

The winning tweet by Bontle Moeng suggested: “Create a bicycle ride brand identity with SA national colours and execute a proactive ‘Cycle2Work’ campaign using sports idols #DesignIndaba”.

Moeng, an online marketing manager from Midrand, Johannesburg, upon receiving news of her win, said that she was “ecstatic” and couldn’t wait to start cycling to work. South Africans’ love of sport is what inspired her idea: “South Africa has such a strong spirit in sport that we just need to take that attitude and make it work for cycling in the public transport realm.”

Choosing the winner was not an easy task, said Skibsted, who was the final judge: “There were lots of great entries so it was really difficult to select just one.”

What impressed Skibsted about Moeng’s entry was its local relevance and adaptability to the South African context. “It has lots of popular appeal, rather than being class specific. I liked it because it wasn’t based on assumptions about cycling, it simply left you thinking that it’s about a lifestyle choice but also so much more.”

Design Indaba received many other good ideas and suggestions on how to get more people to opt for cycling in cities, most of which are completely viable and even fun. Here we selected some of our favourites.

@Cherryflava: Free BRT bus pass for all passengers with bikes -using the bus as part of cycle journey within the city. #designindaba

@ferzanadalvie: howz about we get people on bikes by offering a 'pimp my bike' competition. Think mags, disco balls etc. #designindaba.

@peerie: Sync traffic lights in gridlocked roads to average cycling speeds so we don't need to stop at every light. #designindaba

@shaun_storm: #designindaba change rules of the road to be advantageous to cyclists eg. we have right of way and are allowed to go first at intersections

@garethpearson: A citizen driven campaign to communicate the real quantifiable benefits of bike VS one-man car commuting #designindaba BIKE COMMUTE WINS!!

@peerie: Get Google and Bing Maps to add bike commuting times to local directions. #designindaba

@shaun_storm: #designindaba a promotion to raise bike awareness - people spotted riding to work will each win 5 bikes to give to their friends

@peerie: How about building small ‘bike spas’ around town with showers, lockers, bike storage and washing/maintenanceservices? #designindaba

@CafeRacer: @designindaba - how about mashing technology with bikes? smartphone app that allows users to turn their commute into a game #designindaba

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