Weekend racer

Dutchmann and Tim Abbot collaborate to design a contemporary version of the iconic Porsche 912.

Blending high-level craft with white-knuckle fun, Dutchmann and Tim Abbot are embarking on a full rebuild of a classic Porsche 912.

Gavin Rooke of Dutchmann is collaborating with Tim Abbot, a Johannesburg-based Porsche specialist to build a contemporary “Weekend Racer”. The project aims to connect a master craftsman with contemporary designers, fusing craft-based practices and progressive ideas.

Tim Abbot, a master craftsman synonymous with restoration and performance modification of the Porsche 912 or “Weekend Racer”, will be creating a contemporary version of the 1968 classic in collaboration with Gavin Rooke of Dutchmann.

The 1960s iconic car led independent driver Sobieslaw Zasada to win the 1967 European Rally Championship for series touring cars. This inspired the duo to embark on a rebuild of the ever-popular “Weekend Racer”.

The project is still in its early stages and progress can be followed on the Dutchmann website. 

A portfolio of illustrated posters will be released alongside the project, featuring a unique illustration by ten South African designers including Richard Hart, Brandt Botes, Kronk, Joh Del, Michael MacGarry, Clint Campbell, Sindiso Nyoni, Matt Kay and Skull Boy. A tenth illustrator will be chosen from the public. Enter the competition here

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