The three industry greats hosting Design Indaba 2019

From 2019 Design Indaba Conference speaker Lucas De Man to the iconic performer Lebo Mashile, get to know this year's hosts.


The 2019 Design Indaba Conference is less than a week away. Our team has been working together for months to create a perfectly curated experience. We've gathered over 30 speakers from around the globe. Each of them specialise in different creative sectors, from architecture to business to innovative technology. 

The delicate curation didn't stop at our speaker roster. Who you see at the start of the day has always set the tone for each of the three Conference days. This year, the Conference hosts include a Design Indaba alumna who will be returning to the stage once again, a first-time speaker, and a powerful newcomer.

The Design Indaba alumna

During the 2018 Design Indaba Conference, above her MC duties, one of the most influential talks was delivered by the legendary Lebo Mashile. This year she will be returning as one of the three hosts.

Mashile who is recognised on a global stage as actress, writer, presenter and activist will be bringing her strong stage presence to the conference once again. In her award-winning career, Mashile has always been a voice for those who are misrepresented in society.

During her 2018 talk, Mashile touched on topics such as body politics, identity politics, and black female representation. A show-stopping moment for Mashile and Design Indaba was the theatre piece she performed on the real-life story of Saartjie Baartman.

First-time speaker

Not only will Lucas de Man be hosting the conference this year, the theatre director, playwright, and actor will be speaking at the Design Indaba Conference for the first time. De Man, who is based in Amsterdam, will be bringing his expertise in the arts to the stage.

When it comes to his work, de Man uses his art to help bring a sense of cohesion to cities all across Europe, including Amsterdam. He and his team travel to inspire and empower millennials into actively participating in city activities.

In his spare time, de Man hosts a variety of cultural programmes and is seen as a celebrated lecturer.

The powerful newcomer

Patricia Kihoro is a newcomer to the Design Indaba stage. The multi-talented artist is an actress and music supervisor on the film, Rafiki, which was written and produced by 2019 speaker Wanuri Kahiu.

The film is the first ever Kenyan film to premiere at the celebrated Cannes Film Festival.

Kihoro runs a sold-out stage show, called Life In The Single Lane, where she sits as writer, producer, director and performer.

The 2019 Design Indaba Conference will be taking place from the 27 February to 1 March and will be held in the Opera House of the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town.

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