Take time

Mathieu Lehanneur has designed a new, even more chic, version of his Take Time! watch for Lexon.

Mathieu Lehanneur’s new take on his design of the Take Time! watch for Lexon is informed by the adage from the classic book The Adventures of Tintin - "between the pocket watch and the pendulum of Professor Cuthbert Calculus" - infusing a quirky element into the piece. 

Following the popularity of French designer’s original version of the Take Time! watch, Lehanneur has designed a new, chic and more mature aluminium version of Take Time!.  

Unusual yet timeless, the watch reinvents the traditional time piece to bring it up to speed with the ever-increasing digital era. The Take Time! watch is a contemporary, unisex archetype that is waterproof as well as compact.

Take Time! is available in eight colours, each with an iridescent finish. 

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