Mathieu Lehanneur on designing for today

Mathieu Lehanneur believes that each project needs to start with a question and not with a brief.

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Product and interior designer Mathieu Lehanneur always tries to find answers to problems of today. The French designer believes that progress is achieved by solving current problems, instead of future problems.

I never want to design something for the future, says Lehanneur. Designers of the future will be important to their job in the future.

In this talk from Design Indaba Conference 2012, Lehanneur speaks about the stages of life he uses as inspiration for designing and solving challenges. From “how to be born” through to “how to die”, he believes that questions can always remain the same as people differ from decade to decade.

He also gives insight into the various designs he has created, including medical treatments like "Tomorrow is Another Day", a urinal that "teaches men to piss properly", workspaces and room humidifiers. 

Watch the Interview with Mathieu Lehanneur