Step-by-step DIY

Jasper Morrison has designed a chair that is suitable for a variety of environments including a country house, city apartment and hotel lobby.

Jasper Morrison’s December chair is basic in structure with a slightly rustic character and definite Scandinavian influence.

British product designer Morrison collaborated with Kumano to create a simple, yet comfortable chair for Finnish manufacturer Nikari. The firm commissioned designers to produce a wooden product or piece of furniture for each day of the month as part of its 12 Designs for Nature project, which also featured work by Alfredo HäberliMartí Guixé and Harri Koskinen.

Morrison and Kumano’s December chair is made from an ash and natural wood frame and linen seat and backrest. Taking inspiration from DIY furniture, the chair is self-assembled. The core of the design is the seat, already assembled, to which the legs and backrest structure are attached with a combination of screwing and glue. A step-by-step instruction sheet is provided to guide owners in quick, convenient and easy assembly.

The chair is ideal for a country house near the fire, a city apartment or even a hotel lobby, says Morrison.

The December chair was presented at the 2013 London Design Festival alongside Morrison’s Oigen Palma kitchenware and Fionda chair. 

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