Product spotlight: Jabba Surf Rack

Cape Town-based designer Jasper Eales has designed a series of surfboard storage systems including the Jabba Surf Rack. Design Indaba takes a closer look.

Design Indaba: What first sparked the idea for the Jabba Surf Rack?

Jasper Eales: The Jabba Surf Rack is a product that has taken shape through the evolution of multiple surfboard storage and display systems that I have worked on. All initiated for the same reason: I have many surfboards cluttering up my family home. I grew up in a house full of surfers and within close proximity to the beach so all my friend a would conveniently leave their boards at my place between beach days and surf sessions.  This identified a gap in the market for surfboard storage, and more so surfboard storage and display that could happily be facilitated within your living space. 

Would you say a lot of your designs are informed by needs that you experience yourself like the laptop stand, the surfboard and bike storage?  

That’s correct, almost all of the products in my range are inspired by problems I experience. Once the problem is identified and I feel it is something that will benefit my own day-to-day experiences, I begin a journey through the design process, with the end goal to achieve a functionally refined solution, keeping quality, longevity and the environment in mind.

You've also designed the Beaut Board display and the JE Surf Rack. What informed the specific materials that you use for the three different systems?

The three systems all work with a coherent selection of materials, that contrast and compliment one another through colour, texture and production processes. Using a combination of computer precision machining for consistency and efficiency, combined with essential elements of hand craft is something I try adapt to all the work I do.

You recently travelled to Index Dubai to showcase the system. What was the international response to the systems?

Dubai was an eye opening experience for me, and the response to the Jabba Surf Rack as well as my other products on show was hugely positive and very inspirational.  The display I had on offer at the show in Dubai was very true to my brand, which happened to be totally different to anything else on offer at the show. It has inspired me to further develop various ranges and material combinations.

What are you currently working on?

I am busy refining and developing one of my ranges with the intention of utilising more quality hardwoods, brass and copper. Secondly, I have some exciting ideas sparked by my Rawbot sculptural toys, which I’m very eager to begin playing with.

Jasper Eales Orginals also produced this video about the range: 

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