Precise measures

A new glass design by Mathieu Lehanneur for Ricard prevents ice cubes making contact with the liqueur, thus enhancing the taste experience for purists.

The modernist axiom “form follows function” manifests in an interesting way in Mathieu Lehanneur’s design of a carafe and glass set for Ricard.

Designed for bars, restaurants and clubs, Lehanneur’s design speaks to the tasting ritual that has become a Ricard institution, though it offers a complete revision of its former features. 

Lehanneur designed the glass such that it holds exactly the right measure of Ricard in the stem. The shape of the stem has also been flared, which prevents ice cubes from entering the stem, and thus diluting the Ricard.

“I wanted to use the alchemy of the perfect measure but make it intuitive, obvious. The glass is primarily responsible for all that,” says Lehanneur

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