Matali Crasset’s “We Trust In Wood” project supports local craftsmen in France

Matali Crasset collaborates with craftsmen in the rural French woodland of La Muese.

The “We Trust in Wood” collection  is a collaboration by Matali Crasset and the local craftsmen of La Meuse, France, that consists of a set of  small objects such as bowls, plates and platters made of Ash and Sycamore woods. 

The collection is designed to show off the wood’s durability – a unique aspect of the strong trees in the surrounding area.

“We Trust in Wood” was conceived to support the rural art centre of Vent des Forêts, a contemporary art space in the in the north-east forests of France, and assist its craftsmen with product development. Crasset’s involvement in the Vent des Forêts is longstanding, she  designed and built the Feral House Nichoir, four experimental cabins, designed to make the forest a “living matter”. 

The collection may have decidedly local roots, but it is distributed globally on the online marketplace Crowdy House

“The commissions on Crowdy House are significantly lower than other retail commissions. It allows this project to materialise, which would not be possible in a classic business,” says Crasset, who has lent her design expertise to help nurture traditional artisanship in other areas such as Zimbabwe.

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