The nests of Matali Crasset

French designer Matali Crasset considers herself a "nest builder" and likes to communicate the diversity of, and intention behind, her work.

From her architecture to interior and product design, Crasset innovatively combines  form with function.

She considers the dynamics of domestic life in her product design, and the need for hospitality and domesticated technology in the home.

Behind the notion of a nest, the more important thing for me is to build your own nest.

For the sake of pet pigeons, Matali Crasset reconsiders the notion of the nest. She designs this micro-architectured environment for the improved experience of pet and owner alike.

She speaks on having designed a series of innovative experiential environments that include confinements devised entirely out of audio speakers and cubicles for artificial light absorption. Crasset questions the boundaries of beneficial, human environments with these designs.