Imperial branding

Hat-trick worked on the rebranding of the Imperial War Museum in the UK, aiming to make the visitor experience more engaging.

From the Series

The Imperial War Museum (IWM)in the UK has been given a new look aimed at engaging visitors of all ages on the issues of modern conflict.

Hat-trick worked with brand strategists Jane Wentworth Associates to create a brand that places the IWM’s collection at the core of its identity. This was achieved by turning the visitor experience into a physically engaging one.

One of the first steps involved bringing the five different IWMs together under the initials IWM to ensure that there is consistency across all brands.

Next a flexible mark and visual identity was created to encapsulate the overwhelming force of war. The new look involves split blocks and fragments that aim to illustrate the way that the force of war shapes people’s lives.

The mark also strongly emphasises the IWM name and ties each of the branch names to the IWM masterbrand. Various graphic angles work together to create a visual language that draws on a new colour palette, a more coherent typographic style and clearly defined imagery guidelines.

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