Hidden in the beer label

Now just have your beer and read it too... or something equally novel.

There’s that one liner about the guy that read about the dangers of drinking, so he gave up reading. Just Beer, a Massachusetts-based brewery are putting a somewhat different spin on the one-liner.

Just Beer have created a range of limited-edition beer bottles that consist of a 12-part detective series. The labels on the beer bottles carry the detective story, titled “Case of the IPA”. Collaborating with author Paul Goodchild, each section of the crime fiction series is printed on a bottle of India Pale Ale.

“Case of the IPA” is a 1920s-inspired detective melodrama following the mysteries and intrigues surrounding a wealthy brewer. A case of India Pale Ale consists of 12 bottles so every box of beer will have the full drama.

Here are the first couple of lines of Part 1 of 12 of the Case of the IPA: “I do not boast. My credentials are those of an intrepid adventurer. They are both obvious as the scar on my cheek and subtle as the squint in my eye. For several years now, I’ve been a two-bit shamus in a dirty, gritty, bluesy, and cool city of some renown. I stepped when the boil got too hot on The Case of the India Pale Ale. It started with a summons from a wealthy brewer named Cornelius Fuggle (no relation)…”