Energy-saving solutions

Mathieu Lehanneur has designed a set of clever devices that allows users to control their energy consumption via a smartphone.

Mathieu Lehanneur responds to the environmental crisis of energy consumption by designing smart devices to measure and manage domestic energy consumption in real time.

French designer Lehanneur, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, has designed a collection of smart devices titled Wiser to raise awareness around the ecological and economic consequences of over-consumption of energy. Through his design Lehanneur wanted to address the problem of visualising consumption in real time.

Energy is a form of magic. It is simultaneously: my comfort, my light and connects me to the rest of the world. However, out of sight, it is also out of my control. We know that it is precious and rare but we often waste it, he says. 

The Wiser is a complete solution directly displaying the energy consumption of a residence in euros and enabling appliances to be adjusted via a smartphone. Each user is able to view the distribution of energy in their homes and reduce energy-consumption areas when they are not in use.

Through Wiser, I wanted to restore meaning to something that has no form. And to restore form to something that is only movement. Beyond its function aimed at increasing energy efficiency, Wiser directly addresses our intelligence and our responsibility. Here the design is not only concerned with aesthetics but also reconciliation between individual comfort and collective awareness, says Lehanneur.  

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