Daily Monster football fever

Let's have a special word of welcome for the World Cup Edition of the Daily Monster!

Even our favourite doodled monsters with their buldging eyes, sinister grins and hapless bodies couldn't shake off football fever.

Stefan G Bucher has recently announced the World Cup edition of his very hugely popular Daily Monsters. Bucher says: "All protestations to the contrary, I do occasionally cave in to special requests - particularly when they arrive in multiples. Please say hello to the 2010 Soccer World Cup Monster."

Since everybody has their own favourite World Cup team, Bucher has left the Monster’s jersey, shorts and shoes blank. The idea is to download a letter-sized PDF version of the Daily Monster and fill in your team colours, logo and other characteristics and email the completed artwork back to Bucher.

“I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with, and will post the results as they arrive,” says Bucher.

The first nationalised Monster sports the German team colours and was created by Katti. Check out The Daily Monster for more.

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