Cutting the ribbon

Earlier this year Harry Pearce designed the identity for MUSE. Here's a look at the grand opening.

From the Series

The wait is finally over. MUSE, the Museum of Science in Trento, North Italy has opened after two decades of construction. 

Earlier this year, Pentagram's Harry Pearce designed the identity and brand guidelines for MUSE. Exhibiting archaeology, geology, geography and cosmology, Pearce decided on a logo that would accommodate a diversity of content and audience. 

The logotype, just like the museum, is the presenter of stories. Its colour changes to best fit its context. “The more I liberate logotypes, allowing them to breathe and change to fit different contexts, the more relevant and alive they feel” says Pearce.

The opening was marked by a 24-hour party attended by 20 000 people on 27 July 2013.

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