Collaborative couture

Bart Hess once again invited visitors to Salone del Mobile to take part in the making of his extravagant fashion couture pieces.

From the Series

Bart Hess once again invited audiences to take part in the creation of his otherworldly materials during Salone del Mobile 2014.

The Dutch designer is known for combining material studies, animation and photography in a surrealist manner. With his fascination for the human body and the manipulation of it, Hess pushes the boundaries of the textile design profession through extending his creations via other media such as film, photography and animation. His futuristic materials and textures often blur the boundary between textile and skin, human and new species, which has seen him design for the likes of Lady Gaga and Lucy McRae to name a few.

During this year’s Salone del Mobile, Hess presented Work With Me People (part three) in collaboration with MU Eindhoven.

The presentation referred to the discrepancy between the post-Fordian creative industry and the huge amount of work required to sustain it. The innovation format of the project offered insight into the production process of the couture textiles designed by Hess and invited visitors to take part in the creation of them.

Work With Me People was presented in the magnificent Palazzo Clerici in the heart of Milan.