Booming sounds

Mathieu Lehanneur's Boom Boom speaker blends smart technology with human design.

Mathieu Lehanneur has taken a bold leap towards integrating smart wireless technology with friendly human design to make for an interactive user experience. 

The French designer is well know forn blending design with a kind of magic and has now designed a speaker that is said to build a deep bond with people as it speaks in several languages in a warm and human tone as the intelligent sound system incorporates a human voice-over. 

I wanted to design a speaker that was as simple, instinctive and enticing as an apple that has just fallen from a tree, says Lehanneur.

The Boom Boom speaker is covered in a soft silicon skin that makes it smooth to the touch and with no top or bottom, its shape perfectly lends itself to the users own intuitive use.

The bluetooth speaker is also prepared for a series of thoughtful additions and functionalities, such as conference calls, making it an up-to-the-minute smart device.

The Boom Boom speaker for Binauric introduces friendliness and a sense of comfort to a great portable sound experience.  

Watch the Talk with Mathieu Lehanneur