Annual event

Harry Pearce was responsible for the design of the 2011 D&AD Annual.

From the Series

Harry Pearce of Pentagram designed the 2011 D&AD Annual. With the design Pearce wanted to celebrate the graphical illusion and quality of the original D&AD mark, which was designed by Fletcher Forbes Gill in 1962.

The cover of the Annual features the D&AD mark, as photographed by Richard Foster. Shown at scale, Foster photographed a sculpture of the logo, with the result being one that shows the different spaces and perspectives that lie within the D&AD mark.

Foster and his team built a white model of the logo and then photographed it against a white background. The letterform edges were raised to allow for the shadows to be highlighted.

On the reverse of the annual cover Pearce chose three frames from the film, capturing the moment the forms appear out of the background.

For protection during shipping, the book is encased in an outer carton that also features the mark.

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