TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Sergio del Puerto (Spain)

Serial Cut art director Sergio del Puerto explains how he created his artwork for the TEN Collection. Click "captions" on the video player for subtitles.

Part of the Project

Sergio del Puerto is the founder of the Serial Cut Studio, a Madrid-based studio mainly focused on art direction for advertising. In creating a digital artwork, "Faux Tiroirs" for the TEN Collection, Del Puerto wanted to create a “wow” effect, a strong impact when a person first discovers the image.

Using Photoshop as his main tool, the digital artist and his team created a 3D laboratory, something a bit “freaky” where different things happen in relation to one another.

The TEN Collection gave Del Puerto and his team full creative freedom to create an image they thought would captivate the viewer and reveal a kind of mystery where the viewer questions whether the images are in fact a real images or a digital images.

After the scene was created using photos from the Fotolia library, as well as unique images, the team worked on colours, light and contrast using Photoshop. The main aim was to create something that fitted together and looked realistic.

Our work for the TEN Collection defines our style of work very well; a mix of 3D and real images, almost resembling a photo collage, says Del Puerto. 

The artwork can be downloaded as a free PSD for 24 hours, from 10:00, 10 September 2013, right here

Concept produced by Fotolia
Directed by Gang Corporate
Music: Thomas Van Pottelberghe
Motion Design: Mister Gü