TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Marumiyan (Japan)

A tutorial with Japanese graphic artist Marumiyan on creating his artwork for the Fotolia TEN Collection. Click 'captions' on the video player for subtitles.

Part of the Project

Marumiyan is the fouth featured artist for the TEN Collection, Season 2. In this video tutorial, the graphic designer walks us through the technical process of creating a digital artwork.

My favourite tools are Adobe Photoshop and my Wacom Pen Tablet, says Marumiyan.

Marumiyan explains the tools and techniques – including various brush tools, masks and layer styles – that he uses to manipulate colour, linework, light and shadow, in order to blend many separate layers into one unified image.

As an artist Marumiyan has been very influenced by music, and in his professional capacity he has designed album covers for dozens of music artists. The main concept behind this artwork was an attempt to "visualise sound", says Marumiyan.

I chose this theme because I love music, and personally I love visuals that make me "feel" the sound – Marumiyan

While he acknowledges that having an art direction can have both positive and negative implications, the advantages, he says, are that it creates a challenge to express oneself within a restriction. This restriction can lead to a new discovery.

Directed by Gang Corporate
Director: Pavle Savic
Editor: Léo Ghigo
Music / Mix: Thomas Van Pottelberghe 
Motion Design: Mister Gü