Naama Schendar: Design to rethink trauma

The way that the world deals with trauma is not progressive enough, says Israeli-born multidisciplinary designer Naama Schendar.

"I find it hard to define myself as a designer," says London-based Israeli-born Naama Schendar. "I do have a method of working though: I always start with this obsession around a topic and that topic is usually quite big and abstract.”

In her graduate project, Schendar designed an experience that investigates the fluidity of identity and the effects of trauma on the brain. She collected individuals who had either been touched by trauma, or had expertise in the area and carried out experiments to see if she could induce feelings of empathy to traumatised subjects. 

Watch Naama Schendar's full Talk on design for trauma. 

"The aim of the project was to create a work that would encourage people to rethink trauma in the world," says Schendar. And to push the way that the world thinks about and deals with trauma into a much more progressive space.