Julien Vallée: Art in motion (Part 1)

Canadian graphic designer and art director Julien Vallée is known for creating lo-fi, humorous animations.

Studio Vallée Duhamel, founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, is an experimental – and somewhat unusual – creative studio that works with handmade installations and visuals. In a technology-addicted age, their work has an element of resourcefulness and humour that is surprising to the viewer.

“A lot of the work is driven by a playful mentality and process. We like to have fun,” says Vallée.

Ironically, their clients included a number of tech brands, including Google, Samsung and Firefox.

The Vallée Duhamel aesthetic is vibrant: led by big ideas and guided by loose storyboards, the creatives involved in each shoot solve the problems of how to make the things in the script happen as they go along. 

“Building stuff by hand, there is imperfection you can get when you are creating something from materials that feels different from when you are creating something digital.”

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