A celebration of colour and subtlety in a Morocco-inspired dress

Victor Dlamini tells us why he nominated The Moroccan Magic Dress for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017.

The Moroccan Magic Dress is the culmination of the collaborative effort between two young South African fashion designers, Nandi Mngoma and Inga Madyibi. Taking inspiration from the architecture of Morocco and the country’s vibrant approach to colour, the fashion duo created a range that would express the ethos of a new Africa.

It was the design’s maturity and sorbet hues that drew the attention of photographer Victor Dlamini. According to him, it captures both the maturity of modern Africa and is unchained of the drab conventions that are traditionally thought to be signifiers of African design.

“So often, African designers box themselves and here is something that clearly is a celebration of colour, but there’s astonishing subtlety to it. I can imagine it anywhere,” he says.

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