Wednesdays with Goddard

A personal quest for spiritual enlightenment leads to romance and despair.

Wednesday with Goddard is Nicolas Ménard’s latest animated, award-winning work featuring the rather deflated and introspective Eugene, on his desperate search to find God.  His search takes him to beautiful flower fields, churches and finally up to the top of a very windy mountain.  He meets a crazy priest and falls in love with the emotionless Evelyn – a love which is, sadly, unrequited.  Manshen Lo’s beautiful and delicate pencil drawings complement the bold colours and unusual shapes of Ménard’s 2D animated characters in this highly amusing tale. 

Ménard’s comedic tale of one man’s search for God won the animated shorts award at SXSW 2017. It was screened on Channel 4 as part of their ‘Random Acts’ series in December. 

Wednesday with Goddard has also recently won two awards at Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation, in Montreal: the Special Jury Award and the Public award.