CUT by Dar Laor is a visual response to the myths of gender normality

"CUT", a quirky animation by Dar Laor, is a contemporary take on the myths that surround what is normal and natural in the realms of gender and identity.

This animated short, "CUT", is the graduation project of Dar Laor from the department of visual communication in Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. It features a man and a woman circling in a ying yang, phallic symbols, female stereotypes and a fair share of nipples.

"I tried to reveal the 'myth' in what we consider as 'normal' and 'natural', especially when we discuss identity and gender," says Laor.

The project was made in classic animation (frame by frame) and was digitally illustrated. It was inspired by classical print methods, but aims to address timelessly relevant issues in a contemporary way.

"I started by massive reading of texts involving these themes," says Laor, "such as Judith Butler, Luce Irigaray and Simone de Beauvoir. And later on I phrased my visual response to the things I'd read. I feel that the great success of the project is in the different interpretations people are giving to it. I'm always surprised to discover different meanings I didn't even think about."