androp "Bright Siren" by Masashi Kawamura

Masashi Kawamura's light animation for an interactive music video allows fans to create their own "strobe messages" to embed into the video.

The title and lyrics of the Japanese band androp’s "Bright Siren" song inspired Masashi Kawamura (and team members Qanta Shimizu and Masatsugu Nagasoe) to create a light animation from computer strobes for the interactive music video.

With the lyrics “not to make it a memory” as the cue, Kawamura lined up 250 cameras and controlled each strobe with a computer programme.

While no computer graphics were used, all the lights in the film are real. The photos that were taken by the cameras were posted to the website where fans could create their own “strobe messages” that could be embedded into the video and shared with friends.