Dan Pearson on immersive spaces in landscape design

Dan Pearson’s work in landscape design aims to encourage people to engage with spaces in more interesting ways.

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Through landscape design Dan Pearson creates site-specific work that seeks to establish a sense of place, as well as capturing the mood and atmosphere of the surroundings. Here at Design Indaba Conference 2012, Pearson talks about designing A Garden for a Thousand Years and why education about nature and gardening is crucial.

Talking about his extensive landscaping work in Japan, Pearson explains that he likes to create spaces where people can go to be part of nature – something that is increasingly rare in the urban age.

Gardens are extraordinary places, says Pearson, and we create immersive spaces that are about allowing people to be in touch with the environment.

Pearson also talks about a Bonsai garden on a street in Tokyo, the juxtaposition of cultures in a garden and getting out of one’s comfort zone into something wilder.