Aliens and outerspace: A new frontier of design

From a otherworldy fashion in Dakar to a Space Orchestra and South Africa's first man on the moon, these designers speak about the outer limits of possibility.

These designers think that looking to earth for inspiration simply isn't enough. Coming from all over the planet and having wildly different approaches to design, these Design Indaba speakers contemplate outer space as the next frontier of design. 

Dakar-based fashion designer Selly Raby Kane is inspired by an imagined alien invasion. South African Mark Shuttleworth was the first African in space.

While Shuttleworth was at the International Space Station we doubt he engaged in anything as wild as Nelly Ben Hayoun's International Space Orchestra – the world's first orchestra composed of space scientists. Hayoun has a candid converstion with Micheal Bierut about what it took to conduct this orchestra and send it out to space. 

And the final speaker on the playlist is speculative designer Margeurite Humeau. Here she speaks about using design to reconnect and communicate with unreachable forms of life.