Step-by-step with Ferran Adrià

Now you don't need to be a gastronomic guru to cook with Ferran Adrià. The top chef's The Family Meal takes you through it step-by-step.

He’s known as the godfather of gastronomy so you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you might need a chemistry set to follow the recipes in super chef Ferran Adrià's new cookbook.

It’s the fact that you don’t need anything “fancy” that makes The Family Meal so appealing. And though you don’t need special equipment, the food you’ll be making is still exceptional.

Subtitled “Home cooking with Ferran Adrià”, the book shows you “how to cook delicious everyday meals with the world’s best chef.” And the best part is that it really is very easy!

Published by Phaidon, The Family Meal offers some insights into what a culinary mastermind like Adrià has for dinner at home. More specifically, it is the simple, tasty and affordable dishes eaten every day by Adrià's staff at his famous elBulli restaurant in Spain. This is a ritual that is known as the “family meal” at the restaurant, when all the staff sit down to enjoy a meal together before the work starts.

From roast chicken to pasta bolognese, potato salad, pork ribs and more, each recipe comes in a step-by-step format that is easy to plan, prepare and cook. And the ingredients are easily sourced at any supermarket.

The Family Meal is about more than cooking. In fact, a quote from the preface sums it up well: “What is presented here is more a way of thinking about food than a way of cooking. We truly believe that if you don’t eat well, it’s because you haven’t tried”.

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