Pop culture and people inspire Monde Mabaso’s illustrations

Design Indaba 2016 Emerging Creative, Monde Mabaso is a Johannesburg-based illustrator who finds inspiration through this thriving city.

Monde Mabaso, a 23-year-old illustrator, has been drawing since he can remember. He fell in love with the art after a primary school teacher complimented him on his techniques. Encouraged by this, Mabaso has kept the ink flowing and after graduating from the University of Johannesburg, he is hopeful that Design Indaba's 2016 Emerging Creatives campaign will be a springboard for his budding career.

What inspires you to draw? Which themes and subjects do you like to illustrate and explore?

The people in South Africa and popular culture inspire me. I love illustrating the daily happenings in Johannesburg in my own unique way.

Your Tumbler account, “Mr. High Art” showcases fashion and photography rather than illustration, why is this?

I studied Communication Design at the University of Johannesburg, which comprised of photography, fine art, and graphic design. I use my photography to document my surroundings and illustrate my images from that.

If you weren't studying illustration what would you be doing?

I'd be doing animation, although it's pretty close to illustration. That's definitely the next thing I need to do get into to diversify my skill set.

As a young illustrator, what are some of the challenges you face with regards to work or getting work?

Getting constant work can be problematic, but with Design Indaba's Emerging Creative exposure, I feel that's about to change.

Is there anything about the field of illustration that you’d like to share with budding illustrators?

I just believe that being consistent with your work and being willing to share it with the world, more specifically social media is important and it helps get you exposure.