Quarantine Playlists: Weekly dose of inspiration from past Design Indaba speakers

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With the realisation that we can reroute our “earthship” and chart a more wholesome path for the future, comes a set of powerful opportunities for collective - this week’s playlist is dedicated to the future, comes a set of powerful opportunities for collective - this week’s playlist is dedicated to the futuristic solutions for a better world.

Designers addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

This Quarantine playlist is dedicated to the design based solutions creating a better world, one Sustainable Development Goal at a time.

Graphic design

The power of graphic design lies in its ability to convey social messaging through a distinct, emotive and thought provoking visuals. The speakers in this playlist have used their design aesthetic to assert powerful social narratives.


Many of the world’s cities are in lockdown, leaving otherwise lively spaces still, allowing us to reflect on our use of space. This playlist explores architecture and spatial design as way to foster sustainability, community, health and wellbeing.

Defying the norm 

This Quarantine Playlist is dedicated to Design Indaba Speakers who fly in the face of the norm to lead us into new territory.Right now, the world is looking to unconventional solutions to unprecedented challenges.


This playlist is dedicated to the legends of advertising, those who have affected cultural behaviour through breakthrough campaigns, setting the bar for creativity and forever changing the trajectory of the industry.

Tech Inspired 

This Quarantine Playlist pays homage to the world of tech and it’s ability to enhance our lives - creatively and digitally transforming life as we know it.


Feel Good Talks 

Bring on the good vibes with this collection of feel good, inspirational talks, designed to leave you feeling creatively optimistic.

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