Plug and play at Design Indaba Expo 2011

Calling all creative agencies: Design Indaba are taking all the mess and fuss out of exhibiting at the only fully SA design showcase.

Calling all creative agencies: Design Indaba are taking all the mess and fuss out of exhibiting at the only fully South African design showcase. Simply put together a DVD of your work and get some great printed promotional products.... and, well... that’s it!

As one of the top creative agencies in South Africa, Design Indaba is appealing to your sense of creative responsibility to participate in the 2011 Design Indaba Expo. The Expo is a showcase of the very best creativity that our country is capable of and a favourite meeting place for emerging and seasoned creatives. We need your creative experience, expertise and flair to show them what creativity’s all about and reminding them that playing among the stars starts by reaching for them.

Also think about the large number of potential clients that will be walking past your exclusive exhibition area. In 2010 some 35 000 people attended the Expo, including 1500 Conference delegates, 600 Young Designers Simulcast delegates, 300 fellow exhibitors, 379 media representatives, and 427 local and international buyers.

But of course we realise that it takes time to set up an awe-inspiring stand and time away from your creative work is not always an option. That’s why we’re offering to do all the work for you. All you have to do is send the items you would like to have displayed, including an electronic presentation and physical items, and we’ll set it all up for you. From building the stand to providing the electronic equipment to professionally manning the stand, you’ll reap the rewards of an exclusive Design Indaba Expo stand without doing all the hard work!

What you get:

  • 2 square meters of floorspace in a prime location.
  • White back wall – custom-built MDF.
  • Full-lay carpet.
  • Lighting and power.
  • 32'' LCD screen.
  • DVD Player.
  • A listing in the physical and online Buyers Guide.
  • 35 000 visitors.
  • 1500 that are seasoned professionals.
  • 600 Young Designers Simulcast delegates.
  • 300 other exhibitors that are running their own successful businesses.
  • 379 media representatives.
  • 427 local and international buyers.

All creative wares must:

  • Be designed by a South African or a designer with residency status.
  • Not be generic, copycat versions of international work.
  • Not be generic, copycat versions of other local work.
  • Be original and offer something unique that differentiates it from the rest of the market.
  • Adhere to the principles of good design, whether they are contemporary or classic in nature (ie appropriate form and finish, innovative ideas, creative input, etc…).

To participate contact Kim Terblanche on +27 21 465 9966 or email