Deadline extended: Design your own superhero

Design Indaba Conference 2009 delegates are invited to design a superhero for the next edition of Design Indaba magazine.

Thank you for joining us at Design Indaba 2009. It is overwhelming how the callibre and stature of our very delegates reflects that of the speakers on stage. I trust that you are as inspired and reinvigorated as we are!

What struck me in particular this year was the incredible passion and drive for a radically different future through creativity. A better, previously unimagined world emerged – from electric cars, low-cost housing solutions, future farms, laboratory meat products and automated graphic design to animals as medical devices, food that quantifies emotional value, innovation through crowd-sourcing and colour-hunting in the Amazon... Not to mention nonsense machines and live-action animation.

Based on the consistent feedback from Design Indaba delegates, of what can be done with all of this inspiration, we would like to invite you all to participate in the next edition of Design Indaba magazine.

This is an open call for contributions from participants of Design Indaba 2009... The brief: Answer the question “What does the world need now?” by designing a superhero that addresses the needs of the world.

As Bruce Mau said, Google does not have the answers for what the world needs now. So who, what and why is the superhero that the world needs now? Are they caught up in the cliches of capes and underwear? Are they even human? Is it a manifestation of a collective subconscious? Is the superhero itself even conscious? And what is their superpower? But then, is that superhero just simply, you and me?

We want the fashion, form, manifesto, origins and manifestation of the future superheroes…

The deadline has been extended to: Monday April 6.

The top submissions will be published in the next edition of the Design Indaba magazine in May.

Submissions should be in 300dpi print quality, but can be executed in any medium.

For questions and submissions, email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nadine Botha
Editor: Design Indaba magazine

Watch the Talk with Bruce Mau