Call for revolution at DI2011

Philosopher, entrepreneur, brand expert, poet and revolutionary. Jens Martin Skibsted is also a cutting-edge bicycle designer.

Years before an adolescent temperament would have justified it, Jens Martin Skibsted was writing dark poetry and preparing for a career path that would use design, creativity and innovation to help fashion various social revolutions.

In the meantime he’s grown up to believe that “creativity will become polygamous and snub semi-monogamous relations to art. Creativity will make design accessible, diversified and specialised. Creativity will unlock untapped intelligences, spark value and resource innovation in pairs, and someday enable space migration”.

 When he’s not orchestrating urban mobility revolutions, Skibsted is…

  • An entrepreneur, designer and brand expert
  • A World Economic Forum Global Young leader
  • An author who believes his purpose in life is “making new ideas come true”
  • A senior advisor to the INDEX: Awards
  • A philosopher who developed the cornerstone to Ethical Economy Ltd
  • The maker of attractive and emotional modes of carbon-free transport
  • A one-time philosophy student at the Sorbonne in Paris and involved in pro-bike riots
  • The co-founder of a platform for experimental underground art and poetry in the early 1990s

Today Skibsted is better known as the founder of the world’s first design-led urban bicycle company, Biomega, which makes designer bike transport into a global phenomenon. In 2009 Skibsted along with leading Nordic architects, Bjarke Ingels and Lars Larsen, started KiBiSi, a design agency that views products as the carriers of their brand ideas.

Jens Martin Skibsted will be speaking at the 2011 Design Indaba Conference from 23 to 25 February.

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