Warming up

Satyendra Pakhalé has designed a mobile heating device that looks to sustainable energy consumption.

Satyendra Pakhalé has designed a mobile heater that provides a refreshing solution for the heavy consumption of many heating devices on the market today.

The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a mobile radiator designed to warm up the space that closely surrounds its user. As it can be moved easily, the device immediately creates a comfortable zone of warmth.

The main body of the heater is made of aluminium with a finely crafted top platform in oak wood.

My curiosity led me to create a contemporary object for warming up the space surrounding its users that applies the technology of today and brings back poetic imagination to an object of utility – this is how Kangeri Nomadic Radiator was conceived, says Pakhalé.

The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator will be on display at the 2014 Salone del Mobile in Milan until 13 April.