Virtual display

Hat-trick has designed a visual identity for the first-ever online virtual gallery.

Hat- trick has designed a contemporary, urban and international visual identity for The Virtual Gallery.

The Virtual Gallery is a temporary replica of a soon-to-be completed space designed by Paynes and Borthwick. The gallery provides a unique and first-of-its-kind opportunity and platform for artists and performers to create interactive experiences online and in real-time, something that has never been done before.

Hat-trick’s approach to creating the identity for The Virtual Gallery was to combine the visual language of leading art galleries with various visual cues from the gaming world.

The duo designed the identity in a clean and simple manner in order to not detract or overpower the various art pieces that will be showcased. 

The cube logo reflects the virtual “space” and has a changing configuration, which can be used in animation and print versions. The duo opted for a simple colour palette of white and bright green set against a black backdrop along with a simple, sharp and modern Sans-Serif typeface.

The Virtual Gallery is a project in collaboration with Futurecity, Rubedo and This is Tommy, and is due to launch mid October 2013. 

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