Tropical summer

Dax Martin unveiled the Tropicale Do Sul swimwear collection for 2014 at Design Indaba Expo.

From the Series

Bright, bold and beaming colour was seen on the fashion ramp at Design Indaba Expo’s events arena when Dax Martin took to the ramp to unveil the 2014 swimwear collection.

The range titled Tropicale Do Sul comprises men and women’s swimwear pieces that take inspiration from 1970s style bathing suits. The collection boasted a tropical palette and featured classic island imagery including hibiscus and frangipani trees contrasted with subtle, modern tribal printed backgrounds.

Dax Martin drew inspiration from the rich flora that flourishes in areas around South Africa that has a sub-tropical climate. This inspiration was paired with a 70s nostalgia to create the Tropicale Do Sul collection, ultimately revealing youthful and fun range of swimwear.

Proudly designed and produced in South Africa, the Dax Martin team continues to focus on providing consumers with current, fashionable and high-end swimwear.