Super seating at Milan2011

Marcel Wanders presented two sets of chairs at the Milan Furniture Fair for Magis: The Cyborg and Troy Family.

Marcel Wanders’s presented the Troy Family range of tables and chairs and the Cyborg chairs for Magis at the Milan Furniture Fair last week.

The Troy chair is easily stackable, made in beech plywood with a metal frame and a high relief pattern on the back side. This pattern is reminiscent of motifs from ancient Greek mythology while Wanders and Magis choose, instead, to liken the design to a lady and her lingerie:

“Hardly hidden, under the surface of time’s fashion… inside… she holds a lacey paradise… her secret lingerie, waiting to reveal itself to us…”

The Cyborg chair, meanwhile, is less sensual and more futuristic. Understanding a Cyborg to be an organism which has both artificial and natural systems, their presence often calls into questions the difference between humans and machines.

But with this range of chairs Wanders argues that the friction between the natural and artificial world is a misconception and that the natural world is merely under the influence of its very own nature.

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