A store design made for walking

Multidisciplinary studio Lagranja Design crafts a contemporary cobbler look for Spanish shoe retailer Tascón’s two stores in Barcelona.

Multidisciplinary Spanish design studio Lagranja has created a new design concept for two Tascón shoe stores in Barcelona – a commission that gave them only five weeks to complete the project. Tascón’s trendy shoe stores appear throughout Spain, selling international and local brands such as Camper, United Nude, Timberland and Audrey. 

The shoe stores have been owned by three generations of the Tascón family. Lagranja was tasked with creating interiors that communicate a love for footware, craftsmanship and beauty in order to attract the fickle tourist traffic in the central areas of Barcelona.

The Lagranja designers rescued more than 100 wooden shoe lasts that were being thrown away by a factory, customised them with hand-painted designs and turned them into a wall installation in both stores. The quirky feature, which the designers hope will grow when future designers add more customised lasts, ties the stores to their heritage. 

The store in Pelayo is mostly turquoise, while the La Maguinista store is grass green. Lagranja designed oak display tables of different heights, which move away from conventional linear shoe displays, are reminiscent of mushrooms and give the contemporary interiors a fantasy element. Both stores have oak herringbone flooring and furniture from Lagranja’s BASIC range, also in a warm oak finish.

Lagranja Design was established in 2002. Its work focusses on interiors, products and temporary installations. The studio has been awarded an array of international design awards, including the Red Dot Award and the IDEA award, and has recently expanded to Hong Kong.