Shapes of six

Mathieu Lehanneur has designed the interior for the first WikiBar café using hexagon patterns as the motif.

Simple yet radical, Mathieu Lehanneur’s interior design of the first WikiBar draws inspiration from hexagonal patterns found in nature.

Referencing the molecular structure of food, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has opted for a series of hexagon patterns as the motif for the café’s interior.

The outlines of hexagons are reflected from the ceiling onto the walls and even the floor of the café due to a mirrored light, which spreads the motif around the room. The packaging and wall-mounted menus are further made out of materials that reveal the six-angled shape.

The aim of WikiBar is promote a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to eating. In this, the café serves a range of food with edible packaging. Products in the range include ice creams that don’t melt in your hands, yoghurts that can be eaten without a spoon and cheeses that don’t need to be wrapped in foil.

The WikiBar in Paris is the first of a chain of cafés set to open around the word.

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