Rock 'n rail

A new concept design for a high-speed passenger train reflects something of the nostalgia of compartmental train travel of years gone by.

Design group Priestmangoode have recently launched their concept design for a high-speed, double-decker passenger train that could be the first of its kind to operate in the UK.

The “Mercury” features an open-plan design with ample space for interaction and relaxation while taking the commuter’s need for privacy into consideration. A flexible design means a more comfortable traveling experience. The traditional commuter seats are designed to incorporate entertainment systems, while there are also private berths for families, business meetings or private parties.

A children’s play area is also included in the concept design, making it ultra family-friendly while a luxury first-class section, similar to those found on airlines, will feature an indulgent bar and lounge.

The Mercury’s exterior is meant to mimic great British transport design classics such as the Concorde, Rolls Royce and Spitfire. The extremely long 400 metre nose is an important aerodymanic feature of the train, which is expected to be able to travel at around 360 kilometres per hour.

Designer Paul Priestman of Priestmangoode believes that the Mercury, as a high-speed, low-carbon, sustainable form of transport, is crucial for the future of Britain. He also considers it an opportunity to champion British design and engineering.

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