Rings around

Rings around the Olympic Park in London tell stories about the site, serving as a form of "verbal archaeology".

From the Series

All around the Olympic Part at Statford in London, an installation of type-inscribed rings can be seen suspended from trees. Elegant and quietly powerful, these rings tell the story of the Olympic site over the last few centuries.

In realising this installations Harry Pearce and Naresh Ramchandani collaborated with artists Ackroyd & Harvey.

The 10 rings, each 15 metres in diametre and forged of phosphored bronze and stainless steel, details the history of the site on which the rings stand through its double-lined vignette.

The rings feature lines of inscribed typography that function as a kind of verbal archaeology.

“Heather (Ackroyd) and Dan (Harvey) worked and reworked on the words until they were perfect pieces of verbal archeology, juxtaposing objects, memories and feelings about London in a way that is evocative, playful and rhythmic,” says Ramchandani.

The rings will stay in place after the Olympic Games.

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