Product spotlight: Fallen Bird's Nest

In Porky Hefer's latest exploration of nest-like structures, the nest seems to have fallen from the tree, creating a comfy lounger.

Since 2009 designer, activist and agitator Porky Hefer has been creating human-sized nests in various forms. Inspired by African weaver nestd, the pieces range from cosy one-man hideouts to more elaborate tree houses. 

In his latest design, the nest seems to have tumbled from the tree and landed to create a comfy lounger. The Fallen Bird's Nest lounger, which will be on show at Design Miami/Basel as part of the Southern Guild collection, is woven from Kooboo cane with a plush leather seat. 

Instead of trying to emulate foreign processes, Hefer embraces his African context and utilises readily available, indigenous skills, materials and processes.

"I have explored different materials from Port Jackson alien vegetation to Kooboo cane to waste materials such as truck tyres and packaging strapping, looking for the most sustainable and effective solution," he says. "I collaborate with experts in the various weaving techniques to achieve what I dream."

Design Miami/Basel takes place from 17 to 22 June 2014 in Basel, Switzerland.

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