Product spotlight: Edyn Garden

Stay connected to your garden with the world's first smart garden system and app.

Gone are the days of needing a green thumb to be a good gardener thanks to Edyn Garden, the world's first smart garden system.  

Soil scientist and social entrepreneur Jason Aramburu has partnered with Yves Béhar and his team at fuseproject to create the system, which consists of a sensor and an app that monitors environmental conditions. 

Inserted into the soil, the Edyn Garden Sensor gathers and analyses data, and sends it through to your smartphone. The app then displays the data as real-time snapshots of your garden and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximise plant health.

A key feature of the app helps you decide which plants to grow depending on geographical factors. The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture to recommend which plants are best suited for your area and the optimal time for planting.

The app continually monitors soil conditions, alerting you to actions that may be necessary, such as watering, fertilising and obtaining sunlight when necessary.

And, busy people and regular travellers will be happy to note, the app has an automatic water function that waters your plants when you are unable to. The function measures underground water levels and keeps track of the weather forecast, enabling you to save water and lower utility bills.

With this advanced tracking technology and intuitive design, the Edyn smart garden keeps you connected to your garden or farm so that you can grow healthier plants, says Aramburu.

As user experience is a critical aspect of Aramburu’s design philosophy, he charged the fuseproject team with creating an integrated design comprising of the sensor, app, brand and logo. The agency opted for elegant hardware, an engaging app and cutting-edge wireless technology, delivering the vital information you need to help plants thrive without impending on the aesthetics of your garden. 

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