Pensioner graffiti-artists take over Lisbon

Urban Art Workshops for Seniors is a programme that is putting spray cans in the hands of Lisbon's pensioners, who are now part of a group called Lata 65.

For anyone who thought that graffiti was confined to the realms of the young, the edgy and the hip, meet the graffiti artists with wrinkles.

Portugal’s oldest street artists have formed a collective called Lata 65 (which translates to Can 65: the combination of their paintbrush and the local retirement age). With members as old as 88, the group take part in workshops that are aimed at teaching the pensioners the basics of graffiti art.

Lata 65 workshops are run by Lara Seixo Rodrigues, who started the project to provide a totally new activity for the pensioners. Rodrigues says that her elderly graffiti artists end the workshops with extra confidence, self-esteem and joy. The act of creating so freely brings out the members’ inner children.

Rodrigues is one of the founding members of the group Wool, which hosts urban art festivals and events and is based in the Portuguese town of Covilhã.

Image credits: Rui Soares/LATA 65